PC Service

Our PC SERVICE provides this range of services:

  • Installation of hardware and peripheries
  • Diagnostics and detection of software or hardware faults
  • Correction of software failure/collapse at MS Windows
  • System check on viruses
  • Backup of data for all types of media
  • Recovery of data from your faulty software or hardware
  • Installation of internet and other services
  • Re-installation of system and configuration
    (search of optimal drivers, installation, system start-up)

We work 24 HOURS A DAY, all the year round regardless of holidays or weekends and offer to you:

  • PC service at our address
  • Express PC service within 24 hrs incl. activation at client’s place of business
  • Immediate dispatch of our technician to your address and fixing of your PC
  • Hot line to contact our technician 24 hrs a day

PROTECTION against VIRUSES, PC management:

  • Control of your PC by our technicians without having to visit the service
  • Immediate assistance when in difficulties and solution of software problems
  • Installation done by professionals and maintenance-free operation
  • Regular monitoring to check viruses and spam

Odvirování Počítače
Odvirování Počítače
Záloha dat
záchrana z poškozených medií
Záloha dat záchrana z poškozených medií
Oprava poruch software
Oprava poruch software
Zabezpečení Počítače
Zabezpečení Počítače


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